Drawing/Picking/Choosing/Selecting Single/One ball from a bag/urn/box containing two or more balls


If a ball is drawn at random, from a bag containing 5 white and 3 black balls, then write the number of successes and failures for the ball to be a black one.
Define the Event and identify the number of favourable choices in the following cases which relate to the experiment of drawing a ball

a) Drawing a ball which is not blue from a box containing 24 balls of the same shape and weight of which 8 are green, 6 are red and the rest are blue.
b) Drawing a ball which is neither a black ball nor a green ball from a bag containing 4 green, 5 black, 6 white balls.
c) Choosing a ball which is either red or blue from a bag containing 18 white, 16 green, 14 blue and 12 red balls.


If a ball is drawn at random from a bag containing 12 black and 15 white balls, what is the probability and odds that it is a) Black b) White?
A bag contains 3 red balls, 4 white balls and 7 black balls the probability of drawing a red or a black ball is
A ball is drawn at random from a box containing 16 red balls, 24 white balls and 15 blue balls. Determine the probability that it is (i) Not red, (ii) Red or white, (iii) Neither Red Nor Blue
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