Choosing/Selecting/Picking a/Single/One item, product, article, page from two or more items, products, articles, pages

Problem 1

A page from a book containing 100 pages is opened at random. Find the probability that a doublet is found on the page.


A book has 100 pages. If a page is opened at random, find the probability for the page to have a two digit number with the same digits
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Problem 2

A page is randomly selected from a book of 88 pages, then find the probability that the sum of the digits of the page is 10.
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Problem 3

A box contains 400 bolts of which 20 are defective. Find the probability that a bolt chosen at random from the box is not defective.
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Problem 4

A lot consists of 12 good products, 6 with minor defects and 2 with major defects. A product is chosen at random. The probability that it is defective is
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