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Probability • Basic Theoretical Concepts

Study Notes

01. Probability : What it is?02. Deterministic and Random Experiment03. Trial, Experiment, Event, Result, Outcome, in Probability04. Compound, Complex, Composite, Elementary, Simple, Events :: Probability05. Mutually-Exclusive/Incompatible & Non-Mutually-Exclusive/Compatible Events :: Probability
01. Mutually Exclusive or Incompatible Events
02. To be mutually exclusive - all possible events need not be taken into consideration
03. Non/Not Mutually Exclusive or Compatible Events
04. Pairwise Exclusive Events
06. Equally Likely, Exhaustive, Not-Exhaustive Events :: Probability07. Favorable/Unfavourable Total/Possible Choices/Cases/Events Successes/Failures - Experiment :: Probability08. Odds in favor/favour of an event - Odds against an event

Problems & Solutions

01. Events

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