CA Final Group I : Management Accounting and Financial Analysis - May 2006

This Paper has 22 answerable questions with 0 answered.
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Total No. of Questions— 6][Total No. of Printed Pages—3
Time Allowed : 3 HoursMaximum Marks : 100
Answers to questions are to be given only in English except in the cases of candidates who have opted for Hindi medium. If a candidate who has not opted for Hindi medium, answers in Hindi, his answers in Hindi will not be valued.
Question No. 1 is compulsory.
Answer any four Questions from the rest. Figures in the margin indicate marks allotted to each question.
Working notes should form part of the answer.
1.(a)15 (0)
 (b)5 (0)
2.(a)6 (0)
 (b)Distinguish between:8 
  (i)   (0)
  (ii)   (0)
 (c)6 (0)
3.(a)(i)6 (0)
  (ii)   (0)
 (b)8 (0)
 (c)6 (0)
4.(a)8 (0)
 (b)8 (0)
 (c)4 (0)
5.(a)7 (0)
 (b)7 (0)
 (c)6 (0)
6.(a)8 (0)
 (b)Write short notes on:6 
  (i)   (0)
  (ii)   (0)
 (c)Abhishek Ltd. has a surplus cash of Rs.90 lakhs and wants to distribute 30% of it to the shareholders. The Company decides to buyback shares. The Finance Manager of the Company estimates that its share price after re-purchase is likely to be 10% above the buyback price; if the buyback route is taken. The number of shares outstanding at present is 10 lakhs and the current EPS is Rs.3.

You are required to determine:

  (a)   (0)
  (b)   (0)
  (c)   (0)