Accounting process – Consignment Accounting

Basic Accounting Process

We have recently uploaded academic content relating to the basic accounting process. This content takes you through a small example situation making you understand the need for accounting and gives you an insight into the basics of accounting.

After going through the content you would appreciate the approach we have adapted to make the reader understand the fundamental concepts in accounting.

You would walk through the process of learning about concepts, conventions, the journal, ledger and the trial balance all in a short span with an understanding that would make you feel at ease.

These approaches are unique to us and we have derived this methodology of teaching accounting over a period of time. Its tested and proven method.

Its one of the best notes you can lay your hands on for learning accounting.

Consignment Accounting

Consignment accounting is partially complete. Even here we do take you through an example, which would make it easy for you to understand the consignment business and the various transactions that an accountant comes across in consignment accounting.

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