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When are they declared? What information is available? How to get it?

The main examinations are conducted twice every year generally on specified dates which do not change except under extraordinary circumstances.

Declaration of Results

The results are expected to be declared within 45 to 60 days (1 ½ to 2 months) from the examination date. Tentatively
  • Results of June Examination: — Between 1st and 3rd weeks of August
  • Results of December Examination: — Between 1st and 3rd weeks of February

Information Available

The results would be hosted on the Institutes ICWAI web sites and would also be displayed at the offices of the institute, its branches, chapters, and also the offices relevant to the examination center where you have appeared for the examination.

Qualifying Marks - Pass Marks in each part/section separately!!

A student is required to get a minimum of 40 marks in each paper (not subject) and an aggregate of 50% in all the papers together to qualify in the examination.

A candidate is considered as not qualified if he/she does not get 40% in any one of the papers or if he/she does not get the 50% aggregate (total of 200).

A40404040160FailPassed in all. Aggregate < 50%
B54404342179FailPassed in all. Aggregate < 50%
C65355680236FailFailed in one. Aggregate < 50%
D40404080200PassPassed in all. Aggregate ≥ 50%
E45566055216PassPassed in all. Aggregate ≥ 50%

Papers with Two or More Subjects/Parts Involved

Where a paper contains two or more parts (each part may be a separate subject or otherwise) with the total marks of 100 divided between the parts a candidate is required to get the minimum marks in all the parts together. There is no need for the student to maintain a minimum pass mark in each part separately.

Eg: Paper 2: Organisation and Management Fundamentals[100 marks]

  • Section I: Organisation (30 Marks)
  • Section II: Management (70 Marks)
The student is required to get the minimum of 40 marks in the two sections together. There is no minimum for each section

Marks sheet and pass certificate

Marks Sheet

All the students irrespective of their result, (whether they pass or fail the examination) will receive a marks list indicating the marks obtained in each subject/paper.

Pass Certificate

No separate pass certificate is issued and the marks list is the only proof of your passing the examination

Verification of Answer Papers

Information as to whether a candidate\'s answers to each question in any particular subject or subjects at any examination have been examined and marked or not may be supplied to a candidate.

The facility available is for reverficiation and not revaluation. Revaluation of answers is not permissible. This facility is only for verifying whether all the answers of the examinee have been valued or not and whether the counting of total marks is correct or not.

Time Limit for making application

A candidate may apply for verification of answer papers within 30 days of the date of declaration of results of the said examination.


Application should be made in the prescribed form along with the fee for the same.

Verification Fee

The verification of marks fee is Rs. 100 per subject.

Where to obtain the application

Where to send the Application

Marks Sheet Lost - How to Get a duplicate

Time Limit for getting a duplicate marks sheet/pass certificate

A duplicate marks sheet/pass certificate can be obtained from the institute at any time. There is no time limit prescribed.


Application should be made in the prescribed form along with the fee for the same.


The fee for obtaining a duplicate marks sheet is Rs. 50 only within a maximum period of 5 years from date of declaration of concerned examination results. After 5 years, duplicate marks list can be obtained only in Transcript form for a payment of Rs. 200

Where to obtain the Application

Where to send the Application

Taking a Re-Examination on Failing. Exemptions

A student failing in the examination on account of any reason shall have to re appear in all the papers of the course/examination at the subsequent exams.


There is no consideration for any high marks scored in one or more subjects of the examination.