CWA ICWA - Foundation : Pursuing along with 10 + 2 or Intermediate

ICWAICWA ICWA (2008)FoundationCourse Structure • Pursuing along with 10 + 2 or Intermediate

Can start only after 10 + 2

The course at this level is designed for being pursued by the students along with their Graduation after their 10 + 2 (senior secondary/intermediate). Thus pursuing this course along with 10 + 2 (intermediate/senior secondary) is not a possibility.

Start immediately after 10 + 2 Exams - By Provisional Registration

However, a student who has appeared for the 10 + 2 (senior secondary/intermediate) examination may apply for the foundation level course provisionally, thereby starting the pursuit of this course even before the results of the 10 + 2 or intermediate examinations are out.

The candidate should be able to provide the results of the qualifying examination (10 + 2/senior secondary/intermediate) within 6 months of such registration, failing which the registration would get cancelled.

Note that students registering before June 25th can appear at the December examination.