CWA ICWA Final : What is Coaching Completion Certificate?

ICWAICWA ICWA (2008)FinalEligibility Tests Coaching Completion Certificate • Postal/Oral Coaching - Coaching Completion (CC)/Eligibility Certificate(EC)

These are the certificates issued by the respective institutions to their students on the successful completion of the compulsory oral/postal coaching. A student with a valid Coaching Completion certificate only will be allowed to attend the main examinations.

It is just like having to compulsorily get through your pre-public examination and obtain a pass certificate in it to be eligible for public examinations. The certificate (a copy of it) is to be appended with or its number is to be mentioned on the examination application.

Form of Certificate

The CC issued by the regional councils of ICWAI is post card sized and contains the intimation regarding the grant of the eligibility by the regional council. The certificate issued has a number [CC - Number] which has to be mentioned at the time of making application for the examination. A copy of the CC may also be attached to the examination application.


To be able to include the information relating to the CC in the examination application or to append a photo copy of it along with examination application you have to receive within such time that enables you to submit the examination application before the last date. For this reason, it would be in the interest of the students taking up postal coaching to submit the answer papers required to be submitted well in advance.