CS - Foundation Programme : Postal Coaching - Number of Papers to be submitted

ICSICS (2008)FPEligibility Tests - Coaching Completion Certificate • Postal Coaching - Number of Papers to be submitted

Along with the study material/notes a set of question papers would also be sent which have to answered and submitted to the institution for evaluation within the stipulated time. A student will have to submit answers to the specified number of papers and obtain qualifying marks to be eligible to get the certificate indicating the successful completion coaching.

Number of Papers to be Submitted

1 paper out of 2 papers provided in each subject. A total of 4 papers ( 1 x 4)

Where to Send

The wrappers supplied along with the study material and question papers for postal coaching students have the address printed on them (which generally is the relevant regional council). The papers are to be sent only to that address and no where else.