CS - Foundation Programme : Medium of Instruction and End Examination

ICSICS (2008)FPCoaching - Oral - Postal • Medium of Instruction and End Examination

ORAL Coaching

The Oral coaching classes are conducted in English medium in majority of the places or coaching centers. The institute as well as other coaching centers especially in the hindi speaking regions may conduct the coaching in hindi medium also or only hindi medium based on the requirements of the students.

For availability of coaching classes in hindi medium, please enquire with the respective coaching centers.

POSTAL Coaching

Postal coaching is available only in English medium. However Hindi translation of material can be obtained from the board of studies of the institute.

For availability of the hindi material enquire with the respective regional councils.

The student should take precaution to ensure that he is specifically mentioning his choice of medium (for obtaining the study material) at the time of registration.

English Subject - only in English

Courses involving English language like drafting and communication etc., will be imparted only in English medium.

Examinations at the End of the Course

The final examinations for the Executive Programme can be written in two media either ENGLISH or HINDI.