CS - Executive Programme : Course Structure Pattern

ICSICS (2008)EPCourse Structure • Course Structure Pattern
The CS course at the EP (Executive Programme) level consists of only theoretical examinations. There are 6 subjects arranged into 2 modules of 3 papers each of 100 marks.

Pass Marks

To pass/qualify at the examination a student has to obtain a minimum of 40% in each paper and an aggregate of 50% in all the papers of a module together, failing which the student has to reappear in all the papers of the module again.


Wherein the student has failed the examination but has obtained high marks in one or more papers as specified, there are certain exemptions from appearing in that paper.


Foundation Programme



Graduation/(10 + 2 + 3)


Executive Programme

[6 subjects arranged into two modules of 3 papers of 100 marks each.]


Practical Experience/Training

Students are required/eligible to undergo 15 months training
(with a company or a Company Secretary in practice Registered with the institute)


Professional Programme

A student has to get through the papers at this level and thereby pass the executive programme level to be eligible to go to the next level (Professional Programme) of the course.