CS - Executive Programme : Compulsory Bridge Course for Non Commerce Students

ICSICS (2008)EPCourse Structure • Compulsory Bridge Course for Non Commerce Students
To enable non - commerce students who are eligible for direct admission to the executive level programme, to get a fundamental understanding on commerce subjects the ICSI has made it compulsory for such students to take up a course of postal or oral tuition in those subjects of the Foundation examination which he/she had not studied at the graduate or post graduate level before becoming eligible to pursue the executive level programme/course.

Student registering for the compulsory bridge course, need not attend examination in these subjects but has to compulsorily undergo either oral or postal tuition in them.

Registration entitles the student to a set of study material in the relevant subjects which they have to study to get themselves acquainted for the course. Students are advised to study the subjects and answer and submit the test papers provided with them in their own interest.